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Trick or Vote: Scare Your Neighbors Out to the Polls

Trick or Vote: Scare Your Neighbors Out to the Polls

This Halloween, costumed volunteers across the country will go door-to-door for democracy. How will you mobilize your neighbors to go to the polls?

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The Specifics

According to research, talking to voters on their doorsteps is the best way to mobilize folks to the polls. Fortunately, we already have a tradition where we go door-to-door talking to strangers for candy. And Halloween falls just a few days before the election.

Hence: Trick or Vote.

So here’s the deal. You engage your community. We’ll provide training, nonpartisan voter info, and other help. You provide a brilliant idea for how to get your neighbors engaged. And one lucky winner will get $2,500 to organize the scariest Trick or Vote they can imagine.

We’re looking for big ideas to mobilize your community to alert your neighbors that it is time to vote. Want to throw an after party with beloved local bands? Hire skywriters? Host a pub crawl? Auction a chance to win a date with Uncle Sam? Share your best idea with us here and we’ll let the GOOD community vote for their favorite to win a $2,500 grant to make it a reality.

Submit a proposal from September 11 to September 27 (noon Pacific Time). Our judges will select which applicants will pass to the voting round. From September 28 to October 5 (noon Pacific Time), we’ll open it up to public voting. Rally your colleagues and friends to get behind your effort and join the public in selecting the winner.

Connect with this challenge on Twitter @GOODmkr and @trickorvote, via #trickorvote, and on Bus Federation’s GOOD profile.

Submission tips:

  • Include a photo or video that represents your idea. Photos should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, at least 570 × 345 pixels and no larger than 10MB. To include a video, use a YouTube URL.
  • Explain how you would use $2,500 to mobilize volunteers and scare lots of people into voting.
  • If you have any questions, please review these FAQs or send us an email at

Rules & Regulations

  • This Challenge is open for submissions from September 11 to September 27 (noon Pacific Time).
  • Only US-based organizations and individuals are eligible apply. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Submitted projects must be able to be activated with $2,500 within 1 month of receiving the grant.
  • Projects will be featured on this page and public voting will be open from September 28 to October 5 (noon Pacific Time).
  • The project with the most votes will receive $2,500 to implement their idea, as well as up to 10,000 nonpartisan voter guides provided by
  • In order to vote, log in with your GOOD account. If you don’t have a GOOD account, it’s free to join. All you need is an email address or a Facebook account to register. You will be emailed a link that you need to click in order to validate your address.
  • Read all the rules.

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$2,500 and 10,000 nonpartisan voter guides
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Tuesday, September 11

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Thursday, September 27
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Friday, September 28

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Friday, October 05
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Friday, October 05

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