Dance the Vote

idea by maxwelllove

How would you engage your community to Trick or Vote?


People are sick of the same ol', same ol'. They want something exciting! That's where YOU come in! Trick or Vote is the perfect opportunity to scare the living daylights out of the Madison community: the start to one last push to get folks out to the polls. And what better timing then Halloween?

The education and engagement phase of our campaign would rely on a large dance party in the Memorial Union complete with costumes and food. The concert would run from 8PM to midnight.

Madison has a fairly large population out on weekends. After the dance party, volunteers will be well fed and having fun to get out onto State Street to hand out non partisan vote guides to people waiting in lines for bars. We may incorporate some sort of scavenger hunt or recordable flash mob so volunteers are incentivized to go from bar to bar.

Our plan combines the best elements of Madison, WI.

how would you use $2,500 to mobilize volunteers and scare lots of people into voting?

The grant would be used for the following: local rappers and DJs, space and decorations, as well as food for the dance party.

We have begun reaching out to local rappers and DJs and are confident the people we are talking to will be able to turn out hundreds to the concert. The Halloween "Trick or Vote" theme will be a sure draw as well.

The space we are considering is the Memorial Union, a historic icon on campus. We have reached out to the Union president to find out about the possibility of collaboration. Decorations would also be important to make it scary.

We are considering ordering pizza and Halloween themed treats for the dance party from local restaurants.

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*food would be ordered from the Memorial Union

by maxwelllove
over 3 years ago | Reply

$2,500 and 10,000 nonpartisan voter guides
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